New, Beautiful, Luminous Creature Illuminates the Water…

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Categories: Invertebrates | New Species

Main Report: Science World Report | Journal: PLOS ONE
Category: Invertebrates | Taxa: Cytaeis | Named for:
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During the investigation of the biodiversity of coral reefs of the archipelago Farasan, which is south of the Red Sea, biologists looked at marine life under the UV-light with yellow filters. As a result, the scientists found ?fluorescent lanterns? that were very similar to hydrae. Unlike their distant relatives that lead solitary lives in fresh water, the new species form spreading colonies that decorate miniature shells of gastropods with green lights. ?Sea hydroids, unlike hydrae, are often found in colonizes and can branch off tiny jellyfish,? said Vyacheslav Ivanenko, one of the researchers, in a news release. ?The unusual green glow of these hydrozoas (presumably, a new species of the genus Cytaeis, whose body length reaches 1.5 mm) was revealed in the peristomal area of the body.?

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