Scientists ID new genus of tree frogs long thought extinct

Main report: Scientists ID new genus of tree frogs long thought extinct
(Associated Press)
Other Reporting: National Geographic, The Guardian
Scientific Paper: PLoS ONE   
New Taxa: Frankixalus jerdonii
Common Name: Franky’s tree frogs
Species named for: Herpetologist Franky Bossuyt
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For more than a century, two mysterious tree frog specimens collected by a British naturalist in 1870 and housed at the Natural History Museum in London were assumed to be part of a vanished species, never again found in the wild.  Now, a group of scientists, led by renowned Indian biologist Sathyabhama Das Biju, has rediscovered the frogs and also identified them as part of a new genus – one step higher than a species on the taxonomic ranking.  Not only have they found the frogs in abundance in northeast Indian jungles, they believe they could also be living across a wide swathe of Asia from China to Thailand.

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