New species of bird discovered in India, revealed by its song

Main report: New species of bird discovered in India and China
Other Reporting: The Guardian, Zeenews
Scientific Paper: Avian Research   
New Taxa: Zoothera salimalii
Common Name: Alpine thrush
Species named for: Dr Sálim Ali
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A new species of bird has been described in north-eastern India and adjacent parts of China.  During fieldwork in the mountains, researchers noticed that thrushes in the forests sang much more musically than those on the rocky peaks. They then discovered physical and genetic differences as well, and have now declared the known “plain-backed thrush” to be two distinct species.  The mountain-dwelling variety has been re-christened the “alpine thrush”.



The Himalayan Forest Thrush Zoothera salimalii, Dulongjiang, Yunnan province, China, June 2014. Credit: Photo: Per Alström

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