Large New Species of Harvestman from Oregon Only the Second in Its Genus

Main report: Large New Species of Harvestman Only the Second in Its Genus
(Entomology Today)
Other Reporting:, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Live Science
Scientific Paper: Zookeys   
New Taxa: Cryptomaster behemoth
Species named for: The large monster called Behemoth, mentioned in the Book of Job
Categories: Arachnids | New Species

Harvestmen are arachnids that are often mistaken for spiders. However, they are not even in the same order – spiders belong to Araneae, while harvestmen belong to Opiliones. In the U.S., harvestmen are often called ”daddy-longlegs” and are sometimes mistaken for cellar spiders in the family Pholcidae. A newly discovered species, however, does not resemble the thin-legged harvestmen that most people see. Known as Cryptomaster behemoth, it belongs to the suborder Laniatores, members of which are characterized by having relatively short legs.

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