Gorgeous Rare Bird Finally Photographed

Main report: Ridiculously Gorgeous Rare Bird Finally Photographed

Scientific Paper: Birdlife Intl   
New Taxa: Actenoides excelsus
Common Name: Guadalcanal Moustached Kingfisher
Categories: Birds | Species Discovery

Not a new species, but a disocvery worth noting.   A team led by Chris Filardi, director of Pacific Programs at the American Museum of Natural History’s Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, identified and photographed the first-ever male mustached kingfisher. It happened one fateful morning while the team was surveying biodiversity in the mountainous forests of the “sky island” of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.* Suddenly, Filardi heard the unmistakable call: “ko-ko-ko-kokokokokokokoko-kiew!” A dark shape criss-crossed his path. And then, silhouetted against the dappled sunlight, he saw it: the mustached kingfisher in its full, mustachioed glory.

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