3D scans reveal a new species of millipede in stunning detail.

Main report: Inside an Alien: Incredible 3D scans reveal a new species of millipede in stunning detail
(Daily Mail)
Other Reporting: LiveScience, R&DMag
Scientific Paper: PLOS One   
New Taxa: Ommatoiulus avatar
Species named for: the blue color aliens in the movie Avatar.
Categories: Celebrity Taxa | Myriapods | New Species | Species Discovery

  • Using a technique known as micro-CT, scientists have shed light on the insect, named Ommatoiulus avatar
  • The resulting images has revealed the millipede in incredible detail, while also keeping the specimens intact
  • Technique allowed the scientists to get a detailed look at the millipede’s genitals, known as the gonopods
  • Museum of Natural History in Vienna says different shapes of gonopod can help scientists identify new species

The 1.5-inch-long (3.8 centimeters) millipede was discovered in Andalusia in Spain, in 2005.

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