New carnivorous plant species found on Facebook

Main report: New plant species 'discovered on Facebook'
(The Telegraph)
Other Reporting: IFLScience, Mother Nature Network, Wikipedia
Scientific Paper: Phytotaxa    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Drosera magnifica
Species named for: Magnificent Sundew
Categories: Citizen Science | New Species | Plants | Species Discovery

There’s more to Facebook than just posting selfies – it’s also an important forum for scientific discoveries. The second largest carnivorous plant in the Americas has just become the first plant to be discovered through the social media site.

The species were discovered by an orchid grower, Reginaldo Vasconcelos, who posted an image on Facebook in 2012. A year later Paulo Gonella, a plant researcher at the Institute of Biosciences at the University of São Paulo came across the image and realised that it was a new species, a species of sundew.

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