A New Species of Anglerfish from the Northern Gulf of Mexico.

Main report: Anglerfish: Angling for Ugliest
(ESP Top Ten Species)
Other Reporting: Science Daily, Nova Southeastern University, National Geographic, NBC News
Scientific Paper: Copeia    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Lasiognathus dinema
Species named for: dimena 'two' and nema 'thread'
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A new species of the deep-sea ceratioid anglerfish genus Lasiognathus Regan (family Oneirodidae) is described on the basis of three female specimens collected in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Not especially similar to any of the five previously described members of the genus, the new species is unique in having a cylindrical, internally pigmented, anterior escal appendage and a pair of elongate distal escal appendages. The new species is diagnosed and described, and a revised key to the species of the genus is provided.

Photo Credit: Theodore Pietsch, Ph.D. University of Washington



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