Amateur Observations Help Predict Vast Bird Migrations 

Main report: Massive southern invasions by northern birds linked to climate shifts
(University of Utah Press Release)
Other Reporting: NPR Audio, PNAS, NPR,, Nature World News
Scientific Paper: PNAS   
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With puzzling variability, vast numbers of Pine siskins from Canada’s boreal forests migrate hundreds or thousands of miles south from their usual winter range,  suddenly appearing thousands of kilometers away from their normal habitat for a season, before disappearing again for several years These so-called irruptions were first noticed by birdwatchers decades ago, but the driving factors have never been fully explained. ow, a collaboration between zoologists, climatologists and amateur observers has explained the phenomenon, and possibly given us the tools to predict where they will turn up in the future. The findings could prove important to our understanding of the effects of climate change at high latitudes.

Pine siskin


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