Tiny dragons found in the Andes

Main report: Here Be Dragons: Tiny Lizard Species Found in the Andes
(NBC News)
Other Reporting: EurekAlert!
Scientific Paper: Zookeys    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Enyalioides altotambo , Enyalioides anisolepis, Enyalioides sophiarothschildae
Species named for: Alto Tambo (village in Ecuador); Sophia Roths; anisos (unequal) and lepis (scale);
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Colorful, spiky and only a few inches long, three new lizard species discovered in the Andes may be the cutest dragon stand-ins on Earth.  Woodlizards are often described as miniature dragons because of their probing eyes, richly patterned skin and rows of spikelike scales. Until now, only 12 species of the genus Enyalioides were known, and five of those were discovered in just the past seven years.

Enyalioides sophiarothschildae is one of three new woodlizard species discovered in the Andes


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