Endangered Cave-Dwelling Fish Species Discovered in Brazil

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Categories: Fish | New Species

Main Report: NDTV | Journal: Zoologia
Category: Fish | Taxa: Ituglanis Boticario | Named for:
Other reports: http://cavingnews.com/20150212-endangered-cave-dwelling-fish-species-discovered-in-brazil-ituglanis-boticario
Brazilian researchers have found a new species of endangered cave-dwelling fish that is threatened by a destruction of its habitat, because of an expansion of cattle ranching. The fish – Ituglanis Boticario – is a carnivore, less than 10 cm long, and has little pigmentation since it lives underground, according to the Grupo Boticario Foundation for Nature Protection, which financed the project. The fish is endemic to the Gruta da Tarimba, a cave in the central Brazilian state of Goias, the foundation said.

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