Four new freshwater crab species disocvered in the Philippines

Main report: Biology Dept associate professor discovers new crab species
(The Guidon (Singapore))
Other Reporting: National Geographic News, Live Science, Science Daily
Scientific Paper: The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology   
New Taxa: Insulamon palawanense, Insulamon magnum, Insulamon johannchristiani, Insulamon porculum
Species named for: Palawan, Magnum (big), Johann Christian Freitag, Porculus (piglet)
Categories: Crustaceans | New Species

Four new crab species have been found in Palawan by a research team led by Hendrik Freitag, PhD, an associate professor of the Biology Department.  The crabs were discovered in the freshwater inlands of the island province.  The newly discovered endemic species, together with the previously known Insulamon unicorn discovered by Japanese and Singaporean researchers in 1982, make for a revision of the entire Insulamon genus.

National geographic

National Geographic. Phot Hendrick Freitag

Insulamon-palawan male

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